Vai su


England national football team chose Italian fashion for their World Cup wardrobe in Germany, beginning on 9th June, as they did in Euro 2004. Italian team chose Dolce&Gabbana, but Giorgio Armani created this suit for England: he will kit out the boys in classic navy blue suits plus casual wear. Armani said he was proud to dress the heroes. Football players today have become as models on catwalks, as David Beckham sometimes did. Sweden manager Eriksson said: "with these clothes we'll be the best-dressed team in Germany".
I totally despise what's happening in Italian football in these days, anyway the team I'm a fan of, especially in World Cup, is always England. I really want a final match England-Argentina, as in '86, but with a goal scored by Rooney at last minute :). It's really a pity that Owen is injured again :-(.
Anyway, c'mon lions!!!
We can be heroes, just for one day...
...the Seine was on their side,
but we're gonna beat them,
forever and ever...

(David Bowie, 1977
- Oasis, 1997)


Mister Noel Gallagher: Portrait Photographer of the Year 2006 - The Picture Editors' Awards
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(Lulu, born in Germany by a Polish family)