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FORMULA 1 world: donne & motori, gioie & dolori (women & engines, joys & pains)


My favourite drivers: Michael Schumacher (Germany) and Jenson Button (England).

Ferrari at Ferrari shop in Milano.

New Ferrari driver 2007: Kimi "drunken" Raikkonen (unfortunately this one on the left :) with his Swedish wife Jenny Dahlmann, Miss Scandinavia...

Jenson Button & Louise Griffith and David Coulthard with his former girl Simone (though she had a man name, she is really a woman :).

New Coulthard girl Karen Minier and Tamara, one of Ecclestone daughters...

JASMINE LIPOVSEK CAPELLI - Ex Italian driver Ivan Capelli Swedish wife

"Colpo grosso": Italian trash tv :) (but she isn't exaclty trash... :)