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My TOP TEN : favourite songs

1) GOLD MEDAL :) "Rockin' chair" (Oasis, 1995)
(some words are from a poem by Griffiths. - "...It's hard enough bein' alone, sittin' here by the phone, waitin' for my memories to come and's all too much to take when you're no there... All my life I've tried to find another way...")

2) SILVER MEDAL: "The rain song" (Led Zeppelin, 1973)
(especially in the "unledded" version", with orchestra. For me, it's music at its best. - "...You are the sunlight in my growing...". Lyrics comparable to a poem)

3) BRONZE MEDAL: "Lucky man" (The Verve, 1997)

("I'm standin' here naked, smiling, I feel no disgrace with who I am... I'm a lucky man, with fire in my hands...")

4) "Stay young" (Oasis, 1997)
("Hey! Stay young! And invincible!...Come what may, we're unstoppable! ...My faith's unshakeable!" - This is rock 'n' roll !!!)

5) "Heroes" (David Bowie-Oasis, 1977-1997)
("We can be heroes, just for one day... I wish I could swim just like the dolphins... I will be King, and You, You're gonna be my Queen... the Seine was on their side, but we're gonna be
at them, forever and ever..." - also in Oasis version)

6) "Idler's dream" (Oasis, 2002)
("...and you're singin' Shangri-La..." - see text above in this site)

7) "You stole my money honey" (Stereophonics, 2003)
("You've got no spine, only mine, don't you know wrong from right ? It's up to you, you're such a fool...")

8) "Science of silence" (Richard Ashcroft, 2002)
("She's a well to be dug, she's a university, a cosmic library, wait and see... And in my baby's arms I need no faith, I need no words to define myself...")

9) "Whatever" (Oasis, 1994)
("I'm free to be whatever I choose, and I'll sing the blues, if I want... Here in my mind, you know you might find something that's you, you thought you once knew... How long it's gonna be before we get on bus and cause no fuss? Get a grip of yerself, it doesn't cost much..." - That's Oasis philosophy :)

10) other ones by:
Oasis - The Beatles - The Beach Boys - Led Zeppelin - The Verve - Richard Ashcroft - Stereophonics - Franz Ferdinand - The Queen - Keane - Paul Weller - The Style Council - The Smashing Pumpkins - Suede - Jewel

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