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TSUNAMI : the hero-model

A sad story as many others connected with tsunami, but this one with happy end.
One year and half ago, the 26th December ’04, tsunami tragedy brought to the world a human catastrophe, despair for millions of people, at least for those who saved their lives. A disaster for the populations of many Asian countries, but also for the whole world countries, since many tourists were there for holidays.
Fortunately, I didn’t have people I know who decided to pass their Christmas holidays in Asia in that period. I was impressed by the whole situation and by the story of a model wh
o was there.
Some time ago, before tsunami, I was talking with a
friend about this model, called Petra Nemcova, from Czech Republic. She’s quite famous, since she’s been testimonial for many products, and for Victoria's Secret too, and appeared in famous magazines, e.g. “Sports Illustrated”, “Cosmopolitan”, “GQ”, etc.
Those were the days before Christmas 2004, so we were talkin' about her 'cause he met her and Petra was going to appear on a magazine cover for the first time in Italy (on “GQ”). In those same days, she was going to pass some days in Asia, for a photographic work. Her boyfriend, a photographer, was with her. Unfortunately tsunami happened when they were in those same places. Her boyfriend died because of t
sunami, while Petra remained hanged on a palm tree for hours, injured. She broke her pelvis, and risked to lose a leg :-(.
It was really strange to see such beautiful girl in photos, thinking that now s
he was feeling so bad, for having lost her boy and for being hurt.
These are photos of her, in Thailand hospital too, with her sister Olga at Prague
airport, and recent photos, finally healed and smiling.

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In these pics: Petra in hospital, in airport, in Prague, dressed with Italian colours :), with Italian Vespa :), for Intimissimi, etc.

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